Centre for Foreign Language Didactics (CeDiLE)

Within the scope of the swissuniversities programme “Development of academic skills in subject-specific didactics” 2017-2020, financed by the Swiss Confederation, the PH | HEP FR and the Institute of Multilingualism act as leading house of the Centre for Foreign Language Didactics (CeDiLE).

One of the project’s objectives is the promotion of young researchers in the domain of foreign language didactics. Therefore, two PhD candidates were recruited to empirically examine important issues in foreign language didactics that are still under-researched.

In addition, a scientific collaborator was recruited to further develop the CeDiLE and the intersection between scholarship and professional practice. In particular, research results of the Institute of Multilingualism will be disseminated among a variety of parties, such as subject-specific teaching professionals in order for them to both benefit from research results and provide feedback in order to evoke further research questions.

The CeFoLD also aims at strengthening the master’s degree programme in foreign language didactics at the University of Fribourg and to participate in establishing the Centre de compétences romand de didactique disciplinaire (2Cr2D), which, inter alia, includes the establishment of a network of researchers in French-speaking Switzerland. Both the master’s degree programme and the participation in the 2Cr2D are a joint responsibility of the PH | HEP FR and the University of Fribourg.