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Our Non-Native Bilingual Adventure

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The decision to embark upon the journey to bring our daughter (who we lovingly refer to as Poppette) up to be bilingual was not an easy one (for me at least) but little by little my resolve and conviction have increased and, so far, the results speak for themselves. With this in mind, the decision to continue speaking French to my children when our son, "Little Man" was born, was relatively easy. My mother tongue is English. I am also lucky enough to speak French having lived in France and having had a passion for the language since I first began to learn it at the age of ten. Papa is also English and currently learning French. When we pondered the long and sometimes arduous road to the acquisition of a second language later in life, both Papa and I were immediately agreed that it could be nothing but a good thing if our children were to be lucky enough to learn both English and French from birth. We considered the options available to us and decided to use the OPOL (one parent one language) method.