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On raising bilingual children

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I am a Canadian-educated specialist in teaching English as a second/foreign language, teacher-training and bilingualism. Over the last 15 years I have taught English in various post-secondary schools as well as in-company and privately. After moving to the Netherlands in 2003, I began moving into work in the area of parent and teacher education for bilingualism. As expats, we are all raising our children to be bilingual in at least a small way, and it is important to understand the advantages of bilingualism and the best practice for raising bilingual children. With this mandate in mind, I give regular lectures on raising bilingual children (through Passionate Parenting in The Hague) in various locations around the Netherlands. In addition, I work closely with teachers and schools, ensuring that the teachers have the best knowledge and training to integrate non-native speakers into their classrooms and school community.






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